William’s Bear Encounter

In May of 2020, I took my dogs for a walk down my road. When I was taking a break on top of a hill, I noticed my dog was growling at something behind me. When I turned to look there was a Grizzly bear coming out of the woods. It was about 30 metres away from me. I tried scaring it away by waving my arms, I slowly backed away while still waving my arms and trying to get the bear to go away. The bear was not fazed at all by my talking and waving at it so I decided to grab my bear spray and spray it from a distance.

By this time the bear was about five metres away. I hit the bear right in the face with the bear spray. It didn’t like it at all it began to back away and turned around and went back into the woods. I waited until I couldn’t see the bear anymore and then I ran home. I was glad to have grabbed the bear spray before I went onto my walk!


William van den Hoorn, 14