Reliable Method confirmed by David Bittner, Bear Biologist

Jun 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

“Citizen science is a great way to both interact with an interested community and to be able to collect necessary samples providing important scientific data. Using non-invasive scat sampling in order to determine genetic fingerprints is a reliable method in order to estimate population size in wildlife management.”

David Bittner, Bear Biologist, research on Kodiak and Costal Bears

Since nearly 20 years, David Bittner travels to Alaska whenever possible in order to observe and study brown bears. He takes along cameras to document his experiences. Many of the bears he knows individually and with a lot of patience, empathy and behaving accordingly he succeeded in winning a few individual bear’s trust over the years. To his favourite bears he has given names like Luna, Balu or Bruno. With research, information, books and films the biologist tries to contribute his share to protect and conserve these unique animals and their habitat.