Our Work

We believe that bears should live unthreatened in their natural habitats throughout their lives.

Yukoners and visitors should be able to watch bears in the great outdoors versus ending their lives for sport & recreation.

We will be a voice for protection through our website, social media, management planning, policies and the Yukon Wildlife Act.

We will monitor all research on bear populations and habitats and maintain sustainability records.

Grizzly News in North America will be posted relative to our mission goals.

Press releases and public presentations will be shown on our website.

We will educate and inform the public on how to coexist with bears and change relationships from predator to neighbour.

We will support the First Nations perspective of respect for bears, known as “the other humans”.

Guiding Principles

Grizzly Bear Protection Yukon Society supports the following guiding principles of the Yukon Grizzly Bear Conservation and Management Plan.

Work carried out to conserve grizzly bears in Yukon must recognize and respect that:

  • grizzly bears have an intrinsic value;
  • grizzly bears are an important part of Yukon ecosystems, and require large intact landscapes;
  • grizzly bear conservation must be informed
    by the diverse Indigenous cultural values and relationships between people and grizzly bears, respect Indigenous rights and traditional laws, and be carried out in accordance with land claim agreements, where established;
  • grizzly bear conservation largely requires addressing or modifying human behaviours and actions towards bears and their habitat;
  • grizzly bear conservation requires all governments, relevant boards and councils, industry, organizations, communities and individuals to work together;
  • grizzly bear conservation needs to be informed by, and based on, multiple sources of knowledge;
  • grizzly bear conservation needs to be adaptive to new information; and
  • grizzly bear conservation needs to abide by the precautionary principle—proposing actions to avoid impacts on grizzly bears even in the absence of perfect knowledge (see Section C for further discussion).

Yukon Grizzly Bear Conservation and Management Plan Working Group. 2019. A conservation plan for grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) in Yukon. Government of Yukon, Department of Environment. Whitehorse, Yukon: 14


Newsletter November 2020