Lea Bayliss

My name is Lea Bayliss. I have been in the Yukon for 39 years. I was drawn to the territory for its wildness and diversity of wildlife species. I spend as much time as I can out on the land and in the forests hiking, sitting, camping, canoe trips, and snowshoeing/skiing in the winter months. I feel extremely fortunate to live in the Yukon so I believe I have a responsibility to do what I can to ensure wildlife species and the land continue to be protected and respected as our world and the territory becomes busier with humans encroaching more and more into wildlife habitat with each passing day. I am committed to putting my heart and soul into protecting grizzly bears from dying a meaningless death, only to have their body parts decorate an individual’s wall or floor. Grizzly bears are a keystone species who are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems and habitat. Trophy hunting of these beings has been banned in BC and Alberta and as it turns out, the viewing of grizzly bears in BC has become a prosperous and ethical means of educating and bringing awareness to the public about why we need to protect this species. We can do better in the Yukon than we currently are – banning trophy hunting and roadside hunting of grizzly bears are goals GBPY aspires too and I believe we will reach those goals working in collaboration with other organizations, First Nations’ and concerned citizens who share the same vision as GBPY.