Kay Linley

Greetings! My name is Kay Deborah Linley. I am honoured for this opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for Grizzly Bear Protection Yukon. I grew-up in south-eastern B.C. and have lived in Yukon for about 8 years until recently relocating to Atlin.

I have a diploma in recreation, fish and wildlife, a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Science and a Masters in Public Policy. For nearly 20 years, I have worked in the environmental sector in a variety of roles. More recently, my work has focused on speaking up for under-represented voices and environmental values in our collective decision-making.

The grizzly bear is a significant animal to me for many reasons. Since a close encounter years ago in southern B.C., I have experienced a growing respect and appreciation for these magnificent animals. I believe that healing our relationship with grizzly bears is a crucial part in the societal shift needed to regain equilibrium. I also believe that by doing so, as individuals, we will be better able to face our fears for what they are and discover new truths.

I am interested in helping to protect grizzly bears in Yukon because our management practices are short-sighted. We only work on saving something when it is too late. We would be better served to act now while the grizzly bear is listed as a species of special concern rather than wait until they are threatened, endangered, or worse. Without accurate population counts, this is not only a slippery slope, but an unknown one.

In addition, grizzly bears require large tracts of intact land. With regional land use planning underway, having a voice for this mega fauna is timely and necessary so that land is conserved in a way that promotes a sustainable and healthy grizzly bear population among others.